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top floor music presents

raw cuts

31st October 2023

Where better to be on a Halloween evening but in the top floor of the GMB, at a Raw Cuts x Top Floor Music gig. Surrounded by pool tables and Halloween costumes, Raw Cuts certainly made a stir. They filled the room with energy, electrifying the audience and lighting up the stage. The atmosphere was crackling with excitement and Raw Cuts ‘look’ was heightened by the crazy visuals projected onto the wall above them. The four-man band played a range of their original songs which were eclectic and earnest, with raw vocals and a unique sound. They finished with their take on MCR-T and horsegiirL’s ‘My Barn My Rules’, getting everyone crouching down on the ground, and ending in a crescendo, and everyone jumping up and down to the music. It was an explosive first concert back, and something spectacularly different to the concerts Top Floor Music has showcased so far.

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